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Recommended by Ms. Susan Bowen's Class at the Mason Learning Center.  Thank you! :-) 

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Homework Spot -- best K-12 homework resources organized by subject and grade-level at
BJ Pinchbek -- most academic subjects; lots of great links by subject matter.  Definitely see this website! Better than my picks.
Cramster -- Great site kids & teens use. Step-by-step solutions for textbook problems; ask questions; multiple subjects
High School Ace -- best free educational resources for high school students. Features subject guides, reference tools, and college info -- 40+ practical articles re: how to study and improve academic skills: 100s of study tips. wide variety of helpful study skills resources for students of any grade level, organized by study process & subject.
Soshiku -- simple but powerful way for students to keep track of their homework


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Dictionaries: - Largest free online dictionary. Inclludes: audio pronunciation.
One Look Dictionary Search -- fast; reverse dictionary=describe concept. 
The Free Dictionary -- Multiple dictionaries including: English, medical, legal, financial, computer & dictionary of acronyms
Visual Dictionary -- Mirriam-Webster:  6000 images attached to word definitions
Thesaurus: -- Largest online thesaurus. Includes: antonyms & synonyms from reliable sources
Wordsmyth -- Reverse word search, anagram & crossword solver, glossary maker
Britannica -- hundreds of thousands of articles, biographies, images, videos and web sites.
Wikipedia -- frequently update; search in multiple languages
Info Please -- Encyclopedia, almanac, atlas, biographies
Bartleby --  1000s of literature classics; famous quotations, KJ Bible, Oxford Shakespeare, Harvard Classics, anthologies
Citations Machine -- properly credit & cite your information sources
Zotero -- Collect, manage, cite & share your research sources; collect in your web browser (Firefox)
Easy Bibliography -- create accurate, comprehensive bibliographies in MLA, APA & Chicago/Turabian (CT) format
BibMe -- Faster than EasyBib; will auto-fill citations for you
Noodle Tools -- Compose in MLA, APA & CT format; also helps students in note taking & research process
Tiddly Wiki --  reusable non-linear personal web notebook
Wiki Matrix -- Find the Wikis that meet your personal needs
PBwiki -- Set up your own free, hosted, password-protected wiki to edit and share information.
Wetpaint -- Largest network of free wiki websites; great for groups & classes
Wikispaces -- Create free, simple web pages that groups, friends, and families can edit together.
Internet Public Library -- designed by librarians; over 10,000 texts, 2500+ magazines & journals, links to newspapers, kid sections, Teen section; resources divided by subject matter; extensive collection
Library Spot -- Links to many online libraries: K-12, govt, business, public, presidential, academice, medical, historical, bios
Fairfax County Libraries:
Community Branches 
Language Translators:
LiveMocha -- Learn dozens of other languages with fun online lessons
Babbel -- learn words and phrases in Spanish, French, German, Italian or English
Word Reference -- Oxford dictionaries - Spanish, French, Italian, German, etc.  Conjugations, audio pronunciations



Wolfram - The Web's Most Extensive Mathematics Resource
The Math Page -- Well organized:  arithmetic, plane geometry, algreba, trig, pre-calculus, real numbers
Math Atlas -- Gateway to Modern Mathmatics -- Kids Math, math problem solving, lots of math help
Drexel Math Forum -- Ask Dr. Math.  Math help by Grade Level
SOS Math -- Kids Math, math problem solving, lots of math help,
PurpleMath -- Algebra help (beginners to advanced) Kids Math, math problem solving, lots of math help
Algrebra Help -- lessons, step-by-step calculators, worksheets, and other algebra resources.
GeoGebra -- hundreds of thousands of articles, biographies, images, videos and web sites.
Math Open Reference -- Plain, Solid, Coordinate Geometry plus math tools
The Math Page -- properly credit & cite your information sources
Bagatrix -- solve trigonometry & algebra, geometry and calculus homework problems with step-by-step help.
Calculus: -- calculus help for students, teachers and links to many other calculus sites
Calculus 101 -- Check your calculus homework. Enter function & get calculus derivative or integral. Each step explained,
Math Calculators:
InstaCalc --  Instant Calculation results
Ecalc --  best online calculator with basic and scientific modes

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How Stuff Works - Science Section
Biology: (Life science, Genetics, Anatomy & Physiology)
Encyclopedia of Life -- Learn about every species that populates the planet
Cells Alive -- visual tour of cells, bacteria, viruses and their interaction with one another.
Learn Genetics -- DNA, hereditary traits, topical index, photos
Genetics Home Reference -- Guide to genetic conditions
Visual Body -- 3D Human Anatomy. Detailed models of all human body systems
Inner Body -- 100’s of anatomy graphics; 1000s of descriptive links
Web Anatomy -- Anatomy & Physiology Resources & Links
Physics247 -- quick reference topic/answer guide; homework help; physics tutor.
Quantum Mechanics (QM) -- QM in physics problems, QM explained; tutors
Particle Adventure -- Fundamentals of matter & force
Cramster -- Physics Homework Help
Web Elements -- elements, compounds, periodic table
My Chemistry Tutor -- homework help (high school & college); questions & answers
Cramster -- Essential, physical, organic; Q&A, practice problems
Astronomy: -- satellites, stars, astronomy, the Sun, planets, NASA
Stellarium -- planetarium; shows realistic sky in 3d as you'd see it through a telescope
Brain Mass -- Classical & general astronomy, stellar structure, solar system, astrophysics, etc.
Nine Planets -- Information re: about each planet and moon in our solar system; photos, discovery history,  exploration, and physical characteristics. Also info on the Sun, many moons and asteroids

Star Child -- Astronomy for kids


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